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The, "Short & Sweet" Wedding Ceremony:

The "Short & Sweet" Wedding ceremony is a perfect choice for those who want something simple, fast, pre-written - yet meaningful, and for groups of no more than five people. This wedding ceremony is approximately 5 - 10 minutes in length

The "Custom & Unique" Wedding Ceremony:

A full-service, "Custom & Unique" wedding ceremony is for groups of more than five people. If you want a wedding ceremony that's a little more special, one that last more than 20 minutes, where you can include as many or as little of the cultural, religious, and family traditions and customs as you so desire, this ceremony is for you. This ceremony can be as long or as short as you like. I have lots of free samples for you to review plus some great ideas how to include children into your wedding ceremony, how to honor living and deceased family members, how to include scripture & poetry and lots more free resources.

Here's what's included in the custom and unique wedding ceremony: Initial consultation, informal meeting to get acquainted with bride and groom, development of a customized wedding ceremony (Your wedding ceremony can be as simple or as creative as you like, - short or long it’s up to you, your ceremony can also include as many of the cultural, traditional, religious, and family customs as you prefer) vow writing assistance (select from our pre-written traditional vows, contemporary vows of a combination of both), order of service planning, how to include children in a wedding ceremony, optional rehearsal preparation assistance & attendance, travel to the wedding venue of your choice, (anywhere in Southern California - there may be a travel charge), officiating of the wedding ceremony, signing of your marriage license, filing of your marriage license, free phone & email support before & after the wedding, free “10 steps to writing your own personal wedding vows”, free sample vows, free sample ceremony program.

Other Services:

    ~ Baptisms

        ~ Dedications

             ~ Vow Renewals

                 ~ Funerals & Memorials

                     ~ Blessing of a new house

                         ~ Blended Families Ceremony

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