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~ Sample Wedding Ceremony Program ~






To get an idea of the types of elements that can be included in a wedding ceremony, review the sample program below.  Remember, this is your wedding; your ceremony can be as simple or as creative as you desire.  Don't worry though, to get you started I will develop a sample ceremony outline for you, based on the information you provide.  We can then work on your wedding ceremony together.

Don't worry about the number of possibilities below. Not every wedding ceremony requires them all.  Most wedding ceremonies are between 20-30 minutes in length from start to finish although yours can be as long or as short as your prefer.  It's up to the bride and groom to decide how long or how short they want their wedding to be.  I will explain each formality below when we meet or over the phone. The only 4 legal requirements are listed in red.

  1. Prelude                                                                                                              
  2. Seating of the Guests                                                                              
  3. Seating of the Mothers / Parents                                                           
  4. Lighting of the Candles for Unity Candle                                                 
  5. Procession of the Bridal Party                                                              
  6. #1 The Minister, Groom & Groomsmen take their places followed by Bridal Party
  7. #2 The Minister & Groom enter, the Groomsmen escort Bridal Party
  8. Procession of the Bride                                                                                           
  9. The Welcome & Greeting                                                                                     
  10. Prayer of Thanksgiving                                                                                       
  11. The Presentation & Giving away of the Bride                                
  12. Soloist or Special Song                                                                   
  13. Honoring of parents or family member / Rose Gift.                                         
  14. Statement of Purpose                                                                                               
  15. Declaration of Intent                                                                          
  16. Word of Encouragement to Couple                                                                                              
  17. Exchange of Marriage Vows                                                            
  18. Exchange of Wedding Rings                                                           
  19. Recognition / Dedication of Children                                                     
  20. Lighting of the Unity Candle / Sand Ceremony / Breaking of the Glass                                              
  21. Hands Ceremony / Lasso Blessing / Las Arras "Coins" / Hand Fasting / Tree Planting                   
  22. Scripture Reading / Poem                                                
  23. Prayer of Blessing
  24. Pronouncement of Marriage                                            
  25. Wedding Kiss                                                                    
  26. Rose Exchange
  27. Presentation of the Newlywed Couple                            
  28. Dove Release                                                                    
  29. Recessional                                                                       
  30. Bubble Reception                                                             
  31. Signing of Marriage License
  32. The Celebration begins 

As you can see, there are many possibilities of what can be included in a wedding ceremony.  It's up to the bride & groom to decide what they want their ceremony to look like.  The good news is that I am here to help you, each step of the way.  Together we will develop the most memorable, unique and most beautiful wedding ceremony you have ever imagined.