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Congratulations on Your Upcoming Wedding!

Of all the relationships known among people, the most precious and perfect of all is that of husband and wife.

This is why friends and family gather together in the sight of God to witness the vows of a bride and groom and to celebrate and bless their union.

Your wedding day signifies your commitment to each other, and the beginning of a new life together. As you plan your special day, it is important to think about who you want to officiate your ceremony. While only part of your lives for the briefest of moments, the person who performs your ceremony can often make the difference between fond memories or wedding day horror stories. It is important to choose someone who not only cares about providing the most professional service, but also who cares about your feelings for each other and recognizes your right to join in marriage.

Hello, I'm Reverend Robert Kroll, Whether you're planning a private or public wedding, I can help you take the hassle out of planning your wedding ceremony so that you can focus on the rest of the celebration. Depending on your needs you may be interested in a "Short & Sweet" pre-written wedding ceremony or perhaps a "Custom & Unique" full-service wedding ceremony.

I will travel to the wedding venue of your choice, anywhere in Southern California and officiate a beautiful, memorable and unique wedding ceremony. I will marry you in your home, a hotel, a park, a garden, at the beach, a chapel, church, just about anywhere. As a Reverend I am also available for renewing of vows, baby dedications, baptisms, memorials and funerals.

Looking for a location to have a wedding ceremony?

We're offering a beautiful indoor location for your wedding ceremony at a very reasonable price..... 

Let me tell you a little about our facility,

The Old Church Club was built in 1923 and began life as the Yucaipa Baptist Church for the small community of Yucaipa. It was originally known as "The Little White Church on the Hill."

Over the past 85 years the "church" has tested time and now stands as a beautiful reminder to the growing community of Yucaipa of simpler times past.

Contact me for pricing information or to see our venue in person.... (909)654-4738

You can also see a few pictures in the Photo Gallery

I serve all of Southern California including all of Los Angeles County, San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, Long Beach, the South Bay and the Inland Empire.

Warmest Regards,

Reverend Robert Kroll

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